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Information on the use of cookies by the website
In order to improve the present and future experience on this website (, we use cookies. A cookie is a little text file that a website saves on the computer or mobile device of the user who is visiting it. Thanks to the cookies, the website remembers the actions and preferences expressed (for example the authentication in private areas, the language selected or other display configurations). In this way, the user does not have to reinsert them once he comes back on the website or surfs from one page to another. Cookies are used also to check if the visits belong to usual or new users and to save some information, anonymous and non-personal, related to their surfing through pages (input and output links, surfing through pages, duration of stay, etc). By visiting the website, the user accepts that the “first-party” and “third-party” cookies indicated in the following “List of cookies used” are installed on his/her device. By disabling the saving of all or some cookies, browsing the website (or some of its sections) may be compromised or limited by the absence of features.
Types of cookies
Cookies differentiate according to their duration, to the domain that installed them and to their function.
  • Session cookies They are temporary files that are saved until you exit the website (or the browser).
  • Persistent cookies They are temporary files that are saved and stored even after you exit the website or browser. They are cancelled only after the expiry date indicated by the cookie itself.
  • “First-party” cookies They are files installed on the user device directly by the website that the user is visiting.
  • “Third-party” cookies They are files installed by external websites, by means of the code integrated in the webpages that the user is visiting. Examples of third-party cookies are the ones installed by social plugin (to share contents) or the cookies for the analysis of visits.
  • Essential “technical” cookies They are essential for the correct operation of the website pages. Without these cookies, some functionalities may be compromised and the access to contents may be limited. For example, they allow having information on the authentication of a user or website admin. This type of cookies does not collect any user’s personal information.
  • Functional “technical” cookies They are cookies used to save the user choices in order to improve the browsing (for example selecting the language or filling a form with the same name used previously). This kind of cookie may include personal information (such as the user name). Without these cookies, some functionalities and the browsing through pages may be compromised.
  • Performance cookies They are cookies used to know the following info: if users are new or usual, how they use the website, how is their surfing through pages, how long they stay on a page and on the website, which is the geographic area they come from. The data do not identify the user as person but they are collected using the instruments of analysis anonymously. The deactivation does not compromise in any way the functionalities offered by the website.
  • Social widgets cookies Some widgets, which are made available by social networks (for example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.), can use their own third-party cookies. The deactivation does not compromise the use of the website, except for the sections in which widgets can be installed (for example for the addition of videos or maps) and in some cases the possibility of rapid sharing of contents or the possibility to comment some areas of the website.
  • Advertising cookies This website DOES NOT use this kind of cookies. The advertising cookies are installed to show visitors the contents related to their preferences. Therefore, they can be used to show advertising contents aimed at the interest of the person. This type of cookies work in collaboration with third-party websites and can track the past browsing on present pages on different domains. This kind of cookies usually trace the IP address of the user, besides other information, some of which can be personal.
Google Analytics
Our webpages use performance cookies of Google Analytics third parties (service offered by Google, Inc) to allow us to collect and examine anonymously the behaviour of visitors during the use of the website, in order to improve its usability and experience. By using the Google Analytics panel, it is possible to understand if the visits belong to new or usual visitors by checking the surfing mode of the pages (input and output link, surfing through pages, time of stay, geographic location, etc.).
For further info related to Google Analytics, it is possible to consult the websites:
It is possible to disable the activity of Google Analytics by means of the instruments supplied by Google. For further information, consult the website:
Social network buttons and widgets
In order to share the contents of a website on social networks by the website visitors, it is possible to include in pages the instruments (widgets) provided by the social networks. These instruments (usually code blocks inserted in the host webpages) can collect third-party cookies installed by the social networks (for example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.); the website does not share any information with said widgets. For further information on the main social networks cookies, it is possible to visit:
Manage and disable cookies
In order to disable the use of all or some cookies, it is necessary to modify the configuration of the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.). Usually, browsers are set up to accept cookies, unless they are configured differently by the user. It is possible to make the browser block some of all cookies, or show a message to the user before proceeding with the installation of a cookie. For convenience, here are the links for the management of cookies for the main browsers:
Changes to the current disclosure
The current information can be subject to change in time (for example, changes in regulations, introduction of new services offered by this website). Therefore we invite the users to check the modifications by periodically consult this page.

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